Friday, April 2, 2010

Still Playing Cello

I haven't written in months, but thought I would check back in to confirm that yes, I am still playing cello. Life has been busy though, and I don't have much real cello progress to report.

I am focusing on improving intonation, vibrato, and general cello technique, rather than  trying to keep up with cello orchestra music for now. I do love to play with others though and several of us have gotten together to play cello. The composition of the group has changed a bit since we started in the fall, but now we seem to have a stable cello trio, and lots of music to explore: classical, folk, fiddle, and Irish arrangements at the moment. We established the group with the idea that we would have regular coaching from a cello teacher, but we haven't brought the coach in yet.

As sort of a substitute for coaching, I have been videotaping the group with my new FlipVideo camera. Watching (and listening to) the tape is a real eye-opener (and ear-opener). And, no, I am not going to post any of the videos here yet!

As always, I need more time to practice, but the trio has been great fun, and wonderful motivation.