Friday, April 2, 2010

Still Playing Cello

I haven't written in months, but thought I would check back in to confirm that yes, I am still playing cello. Life has been busy though, and I don't have much real cello progress to report.

I am focusing on improving intonation, vibrato, and general cello technique, rather than  trying to keep up with cello orchestra music for now. I do love to play with others though and several of us have gotten together to play cello. The composition of the group has changed a bit since we started in the fall, but now we seem to have a stable cello trio, and lots of music to explore: classical, folk, fiddle, and Irish arrangements at the moment. We established the group with the idea that we would have regular coaching from a cello teacher, but we haven't brought the coach in yet.

As sort of a substitute for coaching, I have been videotaping the group with my new FlipVideo camera. Watching (and listening to) the tape is a real eye-opener (and ear-opener). And, no, I am not going to post any of the videos here yet!

As always, I need more time to practice, but the trio has been great fun, and wonderful motivation.


Vera said...

I am preparing a book of melodies transcribed for cello from easy to mid-level difficulty. Question for you and others: What would you most like? Broadway tunes? Folk? classical?

Vera Jiji at

Maricello said...

Classical and folk (including fiddle). Maybe jazz.

Tay said...

Folk or Celtic would be my choice...but then again I can barely play so I'd probably take anything aimed at beginners. said...

I think I always helps a lot to film your playing, although it can be pretty confronting to watch it... you are doing very well with your cello, that I can read from your blog! :) Keep up the great work. Best wishes from a cellist from the Netherlands!

My cellopage in (my version of) English can be found here: