Saturday, January 12, 2008

Self-portrait, with cello

I attended a wonderful art show yesterday featuring many unique and creative self-portraits of 55 Cape Cod artists. (For those of you on the Cape, it is at the Cotuit Center for the Arts through February 9.)

One self-portrait stood out for me: Cherie Mittenthal's hot wax painting of herself on the beach playing a cello. The inscription on the painting said: "I always wanted to play the cello because you get to sit down."

I was with a group of fourth-graders, on a tour, and at least half the group burst out that they always wanted to play the cello too, and everyone commented on the rich, warm sound of the cello.

A heart-warming moment, so I forgave the artist her inaccurate representation of the cello. It was her creative vision, after all, and it made me smile.


cellodonna said...

I have to admit that the "sit-down" aspect of the cello certainly appealed to me when I was first contemplating it. Maybe because I come from the piano.

So many people say that they always wanted to play the cello. Actually I've heard people say that about the piano too, but I don't think I've ever heard that comment about the trombone or tuba.

Maricello said...

Hi Donna, I can't say the sit-down aspect of the cello was one that drew me to it--it was more that it provided such a great balance to those high squeaky flutes (before we really learned how to tune to each other), but I do appreciate the sit-down aspect now.

I agree with the "always wanted to play" feature of the cello. I hear it all the time about the cello, but not about other instruments, except, occasionally, the fiddle. But the cello is a much more comfortable instrument to play!

cellodonna said...

The mellow range of the cello, as opposed to the sometimes "squeakiness" of the violin, had always appealed to me. But I'd never considered playing, until one day 6 years ago when I stumbled upon a book in the library that instantly inspired me to learn how to play.

One of these days I'll write a blog post about that.

melissa said...

That is true...never heard anyone say they want to play the tuba. But my older son is fascinated with the french horn right now.

But like that video I posted on my site said: "It's cool to be an ADULT who plays the cello. It's not cool when your instrument is bigger than you."