Sunday, July 13, 2008

Things have been so busy...

This must be my longest lapse in writing. Here it is July 12, and I am making my first blog entry of the month. And my last cello photo was of cello in May. Work has been hectic; I haven't been practicing. I have a slightly less busy week this week, although we have our first orchestra meeting on Monday night, and I am leaving Friday for the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival in Oak Hill, New York.

I usually spend Wednesday through Sunday at the festival, but this year I am going a little later, but should still be able to enjoy two full days of music. There should be one cellist, at least, Ben Sollee, in The Sparrow Quartet. And me. I am bringing a rental cello and some violins and a viola to offer an "instrument petting zoo" in the kids bluegrass academy. This will be my fourth year doing this; it's fun, and the kids are very enthusiastic.

It is not that I am a huge bluegrass fan, but I enjoy this annual immersion in it, and I am looking forward to meeting my friend Doris there, to play a few fiddle tunes together, and to catch up on all that has happened since last year.


Marisa said...

That "work stuff" sure interferes with the rest of life :)

Have fun at the festival!

Maricello said...

I'll say! Thanks for the good wishes!