Saturday, August 2, 2008

Every Day in August

I haven't practiced cello for a while, though I do play it occasionally. Yesterday, the first of August, I decided to make an effort to practice every day in August. My lessons start again in mid-September, and I have put Suzuki aside for a while to concentrate on scales and etudes (and maybe a little Scottish cello music, in the style of Abby Newton), to improve tone and intonation. I need to add orchestra music into this mix, but not until mid-September.

So, my plan is every day in August, even briefly. My work schedule remains busy, as is my entertainment schedule (I have four plays to review this week, and a concert and a reception to attend, not that I am complaining!). I am playing two flute background music performances with a woodwind trio and with a flute trio this week, 11 to 1 AND 3 to 5:30 on the same day, perhaps a little crazy. Tomorrow there is a 2-hour fiddle performance, also more or less background music at an art fair, that I am contemplating taking my cello to.

So, if I write here that I will practice every day, maybe I will make that extra effort to actually do so. I practiced yesterday, though not yet today, and am off to another art fair now. Later!


cellodonna said...

Sounds like a good plan; a little bit each day adds up. You'll make some good progress.

Maricello said...

Thanks for the encouragement! My "no Suzuki" policy has fallen through though, as a friend asked me to play the Lully Gavotte (with her playing organ) at church. The policy is now "no new Suzuki." Polishing those old pieces does have value.