Sunday, August 31, 2008

Flute Trio today

I woke up this morning at 9, coincidentally the time I was supposed to meet the other two women in our flute trio to perform at the Unitarian church I am loosely a member of. I had been up late working last night, intermittently reading scandalous rumors on the Internet about Sara Palin's baby boy having been born to her daughter, not to her, and other scandalous rumors saying the first rumors were started by people wanting liberals like me to react with condemnation against this woman "whose only crime was protecting her daughter," or would have been, except that the rumors weren't true. It's all very confusing.

I also discovered that Sarah Palin plays the flute, or at least played the flute as her talent when she competed in beauty contests. I have not been able to find anything on her views on the arts, but I think she may be, at least, the only musical instrument-playing national candidate. (I am totally at odds with her stands on other issues.)

Interesting woman, though, and it is stories like these that make me despair of ever writing fiction. Real life is just so much more convoluted.

Anyway, there I was, groggy at 9 AM, and the service started at 9:30. We were playing "The Water is Wide" and the first movement of the first trio of "Haydn's [four] London Trios." I opted to play the flute on the third part, rather than cello. This was a big event (Sunflower Sunday, in which the fellowship was dedicating its solar panels and promoting energy conservation and renewable energy), and I didn't want to worry about intonation.

I couldn't find the flute part to the Haydn, so grabbed the score, the flute, etc., threw on some clothes (my husband had gotten them out of the dryer for me while I was brushing my teeth), and my husband drove me to the meeting house, which is only a mile away. I was worried about parking problems, so thought it would be quicker if he just dropped me off.

I got there with about 10 minutes to spare, not enough time to rehearse, and only a short time to warm up and tune. Nevertheless, all went well (despite my missing a note or two when I had to turn pages of the score), and we all agreed it was our best performance. The audience was very complimentary and one woman wanted to buy our CD (which we haven't recorded yet, but I have started to think we should...).

I decided to walk home, and, for once, was glad I had the flute with me, and not the cello.


Gottagopractice said...

A very interesting day. Be sure to let us know when you record that CD!

Melissa said...

Hey there! Sorry I haven't been by in a while, but I'm all caught up now. :)

Glad to see your orchestra is getting ready to launch. That is always so rewarding.

And your morning? I have nightmares about such things! Glad it all worked out!

Maricello said...

GGP, yes, one of these days, I will post a sound bite!

Hi Melissa, I see from your blog that you have been busy! Good to see you.

I do have those nightmares of being hopelessly late (or forgetting to read that big, thick history textbook until the night before the final), too. And I am not exactly known for being on time. But I am usually early for concerts and performances, and I am sure I would have been annoyed if one of the other trio members were late. But, yes, all's well that ends well, at least in this case.