Monday, September 1, 2008


Along about this time every year, I realize I didn't do enough "summer things" during the quickly fading summer. I'm always so busy working or involved in musical activities of one kind or another.

We did manage to get out on a sailboat over the weekend. And though it was a little misty, we enjoyed the serenity of Vineyard Sound. The quiet was intense, and, for me, was even more powerful than the other voices on the boat. (This was a "tourist boat," with about 20 adults and children on board. The parents were noisier than their kids, with their efforts to keep them safe and amused.)

Tonight we are going to a play in Dennis (the other end of the Cape), and my husband called the town to see if there would be a town band concert there tonight, as there has been on other Monday nights when we went to the theater. "Summer's over!" was the response. A little abrupt, I think!

Hopefully, we will still find time to go kayaking, biking along the rail trail, etc. At least I can always just take my work out on the deck and enjoy the weather there.

And my cello. I didn't practice every day in August, and didn't actually keep records after I started skipping days in the second half of the month. But it was a whole lot better than July. I will try again in September.


CelloGeek said...

Amazing that it's already September! After a few weeks of rain, we are having some very nice sunny weather, but I can feel the coolness in the air in the morning and fall is coming....

yarnplayer said...

Oooh, sailboating, that sounds like fun! I agree, the summer went by much too quickly.

Maricello, I'm giving you an award! Check out the details on my other blog (the tatting one) at
It's just a fun thing, feel free to decline if it's a burden.

Maricello said...

Wow, September is speeding by too! I am not ready for fall, never am.

Thanks, Yarnplayer, for the award! I am honored!