Sunday, February 15, 2009


A friend shared this link: The Typealyzer, which will analyze your personality by reading your blog.

I tried both my blogs, and my business website, and got the same answer:

ESTP - The Doers

The active and playful type. They are especially attuned to people and things around them and often full of energy, talking, joking and engaging in physical out-door activities.

The Doers are happiest with action-filled work which craves their full attention and focus. They might be very impulsive and more keen on starting something new than following it through. They might have a problem with sitting still or remaining inactive for any period of time.

I have never thought of myself as an extrovert, and I have no problem sitting still (so long as I am working or playing the cello or knitting, or drawing...). Well, maybe I am active in that sense.

I am curious to know what others get. I tried one fellow-cello-blogger who had the same result, and one who had a different result.


Melissa said...

It said I'm an ESFP. I've always tested INTJ. Just a little different...:)

Marisa said...

It said ESFP and ESTP. I've always tested INTJ as well so don't have a lot of faith in this app.

Guanaco said...

ESTP - The Doers

That is so NOT me!

In an attempt to be fair to that site, maybe our writing styles don't necessarily mirror our real-world personalities...

Gottagopractice said...

Ditto what Marisa said. Looks like cello players who blog have a high likelihood of being INTJ's. The test seems to get hung up on the performing part, which is highly blogged but clearly not the crux of the matter.

Maricello said...

I tried to find a discussion of what goes into the blog analysis, and could not find anything specific, though this discussion is interesting:

mbti blog

Emily said...

ISTP. I'm a mechanic, or so they say. I suppose I deliberately have made my blog about solving problems. Wonder what would happen if I just made it all personal rants?

Don't worry. Not gonna happen.

CelloGeek said...

ESFP - The Performers

I've tested INFP or ENFP (borderline between I and E)

not sure what to make of this other than that perhaps my writing persona is different than my work persona.

Laura Tutino said...

ESTP - The Doers

My results are identical to yours. Of course following through would have been nice on my part. I started that blog six months ago and never went back to add anything to it - thus, in my case, the typealyzer picked up my sloth. You get things done, Maricello!

Maricello said...

"more keen on starting something new than following it through"

I do finish a lot of stuff, but I do start more stuff than I finish. :-)