Thursday, September 16, 2010

Too busy!

This is not going well, this effort to post every day in September. I am inundated by work and obligations, trying to do a major decluttering of the house, staying up too late, and, generally, forgetting to post. This morning I slept late, missing my 10:30 AM cello lesson. I was also late to orchestra yesterday, missing the first piece. This because I was late getting my work done at the office. It just snowballs. I persist.

Orchestra was fun, nevertheless, and the tricky parts are becoming clearly identified. There is one section in the Bacchus where the fingering is baffling. I really could have used that lesson this morning. The whole cello section had trouble with it, when the conductor singled us out to play it up to speed. There was more or less silence from the six cellos. Then he slowed it down for us, and we managed to get through it. He said he would play it slow for a couple of weeks, but we needed to woodshed it. In a way, it is kind of nice to have that little challenge to focus on.


Anonymous said...

I live on the Cape and would like to start learning the an adult, and was wondering if you could give me names of good classical cello teachers in the area.

Thank you!

Maricello said...

There are several good cello teachers on the Cape. I hesitate to post their names online though. Send an e-mail to me at cellist at marisol dot com and I will give you more information.