Sunday, September 5, 2010

Town Band Encore

I started playing the flute when I was 9. I was never really any good at it. For a long time, I could only play pieces I knew, because of my inability to count.

Then, my children started showing an interest in music. They were very, very good, and it inspired me to take up flute again, and at various intervals, oboe, tin whistle, piano, cello, fiddle, dulcimer, octave mandolin, and guitar. (Cello is my true calling, thus the name of this blog.)

My children's enjoyment of school band inspired me to join the Town Band, and though I still wasn't very good, I persevered. It helped that I have two friends who are very good flutists. I sit next to them. It helps a lot.

My children joined Town Band too. My son played saxophone--at 12, he was immediately selected for a solo, and my daughter played clarinet and oboe. My husband became the Town Band announcer. I spent 9 years in Town Band, then 3 playing only sporadically. My children stopped playing or after high school. (It is a commitment--10 rehearsals and 10 performances, from the end of April through, this year, the first week in September.)

I rejoined the band for the last two concerts of the season, and my son returned for the final concert. He played his old solo again, after several years of completely avoiding his saxophone. He had practiced maybe once or twice in the week prior to the concert. I really didn't know what to expect.

He was absolutely amazing, full of depth and feeling. I have never heard him play that solo so well. Brought tears to my eyes. How is this possible? I can't play anywhere near that well, after years of practicing.

I hope he continues playing--he has such power! I will continue practicing, hopefully more inspired than discouraged!


Marisa said...

My husband tells me I sound better after being away from the instrument for awhile. Maybe one doesn't get so caught up with the technical end of things? Nice pic of you and your family at the Town band on FB.

Maricello said...

Hi Marisa. To some degree, I agree, but he had quit playing sax for 4 or 5 years, really quit. You don't usually get better by not playing for that long! He does also play guitar, and, possibly, this and life experiences translated, for him, into a richer, more emotional sound.

I was just hoping he would get back to playing by age 40!

Thanks, about the photo. Just one person missing, my daughter, who is coming home for a visit soon.

Marisa said...

My understanding is that as long as you are playing some kind of musical instrument it all translates somehow into the brain.

Inga said...

I'm glad you are blogging again! Thanks for your story. It's such a joy when families can share music.

Maricello said...

I think this makes sense, Marisa. I think I play the flute better for having studied the cello.

Maricello said...

Thanks Inga. In our family, Town Band is the only way we can share music! My son plays only jazz, my daughter sings mostly in operatic style. I play classical, fiddle, and folk music. Somehow we can come together with those John Philip Souza marches and Broadway tunes!