Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

I am listening to the radio today (WUMB), and a woman just said, "I'm so excited about it being Valentine's Day today because that means tomorrow all the Valentine's Day candy is one-half off."

Ah, my sentiments, exactly, but the times, they are a'changing. I went into the grocery yesterday to get some V. candy for the family. The Valentine's Day candy was already gone, displaced by Easter candy.

And my husband brought home St. Patrick's Day cupcakes. At least there is plenty of sugar.

Happy Valentine's Day!


melissa said...

Ah yes...the post v-day sales.

Jewelry also goes on sale. This is highly relevant to me as my b-day is right after v-day. :)

Maricello said...

Ah, jewelry, a much better idea.

Happy Birthday, Melissa!