Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yesterday's papers

The cover of the current (February 25) issue of the New Yorker shows a year in the life of a book ("Shelf Life" by Adrian Tomine). A young woman writes it in winter; it is sold to a publisher in the spring; a young man reads it in summer and tosses it out in the fall, when a homeless person picks it up. In the winter, he burns it to keep warm.

The life cycle of a newspaper is much briefer! No sooner have you finished writing an article than it is on its way to the recycling center. Fortunately, the Web gives articles a longer life span and makes them more widely available. So, for those who are interested in reading my reviews, previews, and such, and those of others who write for the paper, here is the link to my newspaper's entertainment section.


melissa said...


I still think you have the coolest job ever.

Maricello said...

Thanks! I agree. It's buckets of fun! and I am learning so much about music and art, the location of little out-of-the-way coffeehouses, the multitude of people who get together to sing, and all kinds of people who make music, art, theater, and other entertainments, such as writing.

Ginger said...

We found your Blog via Sabra's and finds it interesting! Mum plays the cello too. So we will show her tomorrow when she gets home from work. She'll be very interested.

Maricello said...

Ginger, so nice of you to stop in! I have been to your blog, probably via Sabra's too, and enjoy reading about your adventures.