Tuesday, April 8, 2008

22 Cellos

Once a year, my cello teacher gathers her students all together for a workshop with Eugene Friesen, a contemporary improvisational cellist, who plays Bach as readily as Brazilian jazz, transforms himself, with masks, into a squirrel sneaking into the house to play the cello, or Casals playing Bach, and imitates the sounds of a humback whale. While he's in town, he will play at a coffeehouse and entertain at one of the elementary schools, as well as join us for an hour-long workshop.

Eugene is coming next week, so 22 cellists of varying ages and sizes got together tonight (in a rustic community hall near the water) to practice three pieces that we will be playing for him: French Folk Song (of course), To a Wild Rose, and a Happy Birthday variation my teacher commissioned for her cello's 100th birthday. It was fun; it's always glorious when so many cellists play together!


CelloGeek said...

I love it! How about 76 cellos?

cellodonna said...

How wonderful! It sounds like such fun to get together with other cellists.

Maybe you could send a few my way. We could use more than 3 cellists in our pops orchestra.

Maricello said...

76 cellos! There might be 76 cellists from one end of Cape Cod to the other. Hmmm, maybe we can stage some sort of a cello party. I've always thought this would be an nice place for a cello camp. :-)

Perhaps we do have a lot of cellists, relatively speaking. When I was in a community string ensemble a few years ago, there were six of us.

Marisa said...

Where does one find "To A Wild Rose"?

Maricello said...

Hi Marisa, we're playing a cello quartet version from "More Cellobrations," published by the Enterprising Rabbit, but I think this piece should be readily available in the folk literature.

Marisa said...

You're always turning me on to new music I've never heard of :)
My husband says I'm too young to know about this famous tune. Talk about a back handed compliment :)