Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not practicing

I am finding it very hard to practice lately. There is simply no time.

I did have an opportunity to talk to a winner a major piano competition recently, and he said that the year he won, he had periods where he didn't practice for 2 months at a time because of other work commitments.

I am not about to win any competitions, but it is always inspiring to hear of people who succeed despite all the opposing factors.


yarnplayer said...

Hey, that is encouraging! I don't have all the time to practice that it seems I should be doing, either.

Gottagopractice said...

It seems to be an epidemic. Maybe it's Spring Fever?

cellodonna said...

Go here:

Maricello said...

It is reassuring to hear others are having this problem!

Donna, I was going to say, in response to your comment, that I have absolutely no time lately, and am not even home much during the week. It is not a matter of not wanting to practice.... But, I can see the point, that you can always find a few minutes. And I will.... tomorrow!

cellodonna said...

Yes, even 5 or 10 minutes is better than nothing. There's always the option to at least listen to good cello music while on the go. I hope things slow down enough for you to squeeze in some practice time, although I have the feeling that you enjoy your full schedule of exciting activities.

Maricello said...

I practiced this morning, about an hour and a half. I worked at home today, which makes it a whole lot easier to fit in some cello time. Ah,feels better! Thanks, Donna, for the nudge. :-)

Randy said...

With three kids and a busy schedule of teaching, it's a juggling act, even though it's my job.
Unfortunately, for the time being it just means less sleep in general and catching up on that when I can.

A simple saying passed onto me by a mentor of mine--
'even if you only have 10 minutes to practice, do so as if you have 3 hours..'
in other words, take your time and build something up rather than practicing frenetically.

If you imagine you can't possibly accomplish anything in 10 minutes, you will most likely end up keeping the cello in the case.

All the best-

Maricello said...

Hi Randy,

Thanks for your wise advice. I gave up sleep long ago, but every once in a while, do need some, at least in order to think coherently during those ten minutes.

My problem with the ten minutes is that it is hard to stop at ten, and get back to work. Ten minutes becomes an hour or two before I look up. But, maybe that's not so bad.

I have now practiced 3 days straight, for big chunks of time. And even detect a bit of progress. :-)