Sunday, May 25, 2008

Other things

Another week of minimal practicing. But, I have been doing some long-neglected things I need to do, like get back to going to the exercise center (I hadn't gone much over the winter), cleaning up (just a little), gardening (OK, I am just contemplating this; I haven't really started), and, for fun, reading, watching movies, and, lately, reconnecting with old friends. Some I have called, some have called me, and some I have run into at the grocery store or library, on the Internet. There are many good things, and people, on the periphery of the rich, resonant cello center of my life.

A good weekend to all!


Emily said...

How do you get the picture on your blog title?

And I think you're onto something with your resonant cello life. :)

CelloGeek said...

Balancing all of the demands on one's time is so hard! I love the new Cello in May picture!

Maricello said...

Hi Emily, Just click on customize layout, then on edit in the header box. You have to crop your photo to just the right size, but that should be easy enough.

Cellogeek, yes! it is hard to balance...and I don't always make the wisest decisions!