Thursday, June 12, 2008

9 Cellos

We are starting a chamber orchestra/ensemble group here in town. The idea is that you can play in the larger, coached ensemble and/or break up into smaller groups, which may also be coached. So far we have 9 cellists among 34 people interested. There are about 10 violinists, a viola or two, 2 oboes, several flutes, a clarinet, a horn, a trumpet, and several keyboard players. Sounds like an excellent balance to me!


cellodonna said...

How do you find so many cellists in one town?

Good luck with the group.

Maricello said...

We have several cello teachers in the area,though it seems most of the cellists who have signed up are more professional than amateur, or at least better than I am. I will probably play ninth cello, and be grateful!

The Cape attracts a lot of musicians and artists, or transforms people into musicians and/or artists. There's something in the air, or in the scenery.

CelloGeek said...

Go cellos!