Friday, June 20, 2008

Concert tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big arts festival, and I am playing with my flute choir at 11:20 AM and the fiddlers at 4 PM. I play mostly flute with the flute choir, but am also playing cello on the first of Haydn's London trios (3 movements) and an energetic tune called "Little Red Monkey."

We're playing the London Trio with seven instruments, 2 flutes on first, 3 flutes on second, and an alto flute and me on cello on the third (cello) part. I was a little worried about having so many people play a trio, but it sounds good to me. I love the London Trios anyway. I do have a CD of the trios as played by a flute choir (bass flute instead of cell0). It sounds good, but the cello part makes it sound so much better, to my ears anyway.

It looks like the weather will be perfect tomorrow. I am looking forward to the event (it is a three-day outdoor arts and entertainment festival, with three performances going on at all times, and 2 large tents full of artists and artisans), even though I still am not getting every note, every time.


CelloGeek said...

hope the concert went well! looking forward to the post-concert report!

Gottagopractice said...

I was hoping to report that I had also played some London Trios this weekend in a 2Vn + Vc combination, but at the last minute we scared up another violist and played quartets instead. I heard them on the radio with strings, and liked them that way, too.