Saturday, November 8, 2008

25 Hours a Week

My cello teacher is disappointed in my progress on my orchestra pieces, and our concerts are next week (Friday and Sunday). She said, when she was in orchestra (she was principal), she practiced the orchestra music as soon as she got it, 25 hours a week, bought scores, recordings, etc. She wonders why I am not practicing 25 hours a week. In a nice way, of course, though discounting that she was a cello major at the time, and I am committed to work and family.

Not only am I not practicing 25 hours a week, I took several weeks off from practicing almost entirely, the first to finish up work projects to go to Atlanta, the second to be in Atlanta, and the third to catch up with work, after being in Atlanta. Not so good in a short rehearsal season!

25 hours a week is more than 3 and a half hours a day. I will aim for 14 hours this week, 2 hours a day, not counting rehearsals. I did about 2 and a half yesterday, and, not surprisingly, found it very fruitful. I am not sure I can fully catch up this week, but I do hope to continue to make progress. We have rehearsals tomorrow and Thursday, which should help. Except that the first two cellists will not be at tomorrow's rehearsal. I am third (though the fourth is equivalent to me, and has been practicing. The fifth is having trouble keeping up). I have been counting on them for entrances. I am more than a trifle worried about tomorrow, so will go practice now.


Erin said...

25 hours a week? That's a cheeky ask in my mind, considering you're working and taking care of family things as well. I buy recordings of what I'm playing generally, but I don't buy scores. Personally, I think you're doing loads to get your part into shape and your orchestra should be glad to have you!

Maricello said...

Thanks, Erin! We're all working hard (another informal rehearsal with most of the cellos and three violins tonight). I think some of the participants want this to be a professional or semi-professional orchestra, while others of us, including me, want it to be a more inclusive amateur, community orchestra. We shall see. In the meantime, it has been fun and quite a learning experience, and I appreciate your support!

CelloGirl said...

I wish I could practice 25 hours a week!! Unfortunately, my full time job is not the cello so I have to carve out time for it. It's a great position to be in though...we carve out time because we want to do it...not because we get up and we have to do it.

So...we can aim for 25 hours a week but I'll settle for whatever I can get.

By the way - I wish I could do even scrape out 14 hours a week - you're doing great!