Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I haven't played any fiddle music in ages, yet there are a couple of fiddle performances coming up that I would like to participate in, and the women's fiddling group is starting to meet again, after a summer-long hiatus, so I am starting to think about getting back into playing fiddle music.

I was talking to a fiddler (violin) about playing Celtic music with a small group, which might be more satisfying than playing old-time music at top speed. I have a hard time keeping up, as I have mentioned countless times, but I like the camaraderie of fiddling, and, when I know the tune, I love knowing it, playing it from the heart.

Some Celtic music is slower, or more melodic to my ears, than the old time music we usually play, and I think it might be fun to work out some arrangements with a small grouping of four instruments, maybe a cello, fiddle, flute, and guitar. Someday when I have time.

For the time being, right after the upcoming classical concert (Friday and Sunday), I plan to refocus on fiddle music, well, for at least a week. Then I'll need to work on the music for Handel's Messiah. Our town does a community sing-in, play-in every year, the Sunday before Christmas. I attended last year and was overwhelmed by the intensity, the relentlessness of the cello playing. Still, you know, it might be fun to give it a try.... (forgetting for the moment how long it takes to really learn the music)


yarnplayer said...

The fiddling group sounds like such fun! If it was in my area I think I might give it a try - definitely the celtic!
Good luck with your classical concert! And good luck learning the Messiah! My orchestra will be playing it again this year - I think it is my ninth time doing it. The notes are not so bad, but there are a lot of them!

Maricello said...

Thanks YP! Wow, nine times on the Messiah. All I have done is look at the music; I have not played a single note, and, you are right, there certainly are a lot of them.