Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cello choir, flute choir

Cello choir went well tonight. I had no trouble with that tricky part that gave me such trouble last week. There is much to be said for careful practice.

We canceled flute choir practice tomorrow because of Valentine's Day (and because a big snowstorm is predicted). I play both flute and cello in the flute choir, sometimes transposing the bass flute part for cello, sometimes using music with a written cello part. We are a small flute choir, currently only five members. We have an alto flute player, but no bass flute.

We have decided to do a St. Patrick's Day concert at the nursing home: cheerful Irish music, with potential for sing-alongs. One of our members will tell a few jokes, in his droll manner. We will bring refreshments. We're trying to make it entertaining and to encourage participation.

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