Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Somewhere in Pennsylvania

I drove about 410 miles today, arriving in Clearfield, PA. All went well, and it is not lonely. I am in touch with family via cell phone, and I have a rental car with a GPS system that has proved to be a fine traveling companion. It tells me when to turn, how long (in miles and minutes) until the next exit, and warns me well in advance of turns and exits. It is a patient and accurate navigator. If I choose not to take an exit (I have programmed this trip in segments, so pass endpoints without turning off), it gently tells me to take the next exit and turn around. When I take an unexpectd turn (for a rest stop, for instance), it will announce that it is recalculating the trip. Unlike a human, who might make a more emotional to a missed or unexpected turn!

I was joking with my brother that the GPS system was the spirit of mom, though mom would definitely not have enjoyed a long car trip. Perhaps spirits do not get carsick.

The GPS system has removed all anxiety about getting lost, missing exits, etc. I am amazed at how precise it is. Such a comfort!

I am in "coal country." It seems a little rustic, except for all the chain motels and fast food restaurants. I went to a quaint little restaurant for dinner with old-fashioned prices (about $7.50 for a turkey dinner), complete with quaint country knicknaks for sale, including some quaint little wooden cats. Made in China.


Terry said...

Clearfield! That's near State College. I went to Penn State there for 4 years. I miss it. I wouldn't mind living back there, snow and all.

My folks came from near Minersville, PA. That's coal country!

Maricello said...

Hi Terry,

It was a beautiful drive through the mountains; I wish I had had time to get off the highway and explore the area a little. I've never been to Penn State, though high school friends went there.