Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cello-less in Cincinnati

Well, almost Cincinnati. My flight was cancelled, and, after a few hours at the airport, I decided to rent a hotel room, where I am enjoying a cozy evening, resting up, working, waiting for my morning flight. My mother is in the hospital, and it is frustrating not being able to get there any faster. I did consider a bus (finding air travel so wearying these days), but it was a 25-hour trip from Cape Cod, and I just couldn't stand the thought of it. This trip will probably be over 30 hours--if my two flights and the 3-hour Philadelphia layover go well.

I will miss practicing for a few days, perhaps a week, perhaps longer. I will also miss the Denise Djoric cello concert that I was so looking forward to seeing, and reviewing. Fortunately, my dear friend and fellow cellist, Barbara, has agreed to write the review. Thank you! Hope you enjoy the concert.

I had to cancel a fiddle session, miss an early music session, and forgo a day in the string shop, where I work occasionally. Fortunately, my main work is portable, if not music-related.

I am looking forward to seeing my mother and sister and being of some help in Cincinnati. Everyone I have talked to about this trip, and most of the people I have encountered along the way, have been so wonderfully supportive and helpful. It warms those cockles of my heart! Thank you!


cellodonna said...

So sorry to year that your mom is ill. Best wishes to her for a very speedy recovery.

Being away from of your cello will make you want to practice even harder when you return home. Have a safe trip.

Maricello said...

Hi Donna,

Thanks so much for your good wishes. My mother is feeling a little better, but it looks like recovery will take some time.

My teacher once suggested I play the cello mentally, in preparation for playing outloud and/or as a means of working on memory issues. The first plane ride here was so loud that I actually sang a piece softly while air bowing and fingering. I did it mainly to pass the time. It takes a lot of concentration, but I am sure it is good for memory work. It would be nice to have a small travel cello device.