Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"From the Top" radio concert

My sister and I attended a fun concert in beautiful Music Hall, in Cincinnati tonight. It was a taping for the National Public Radio show, "From the Top." The show features young people who play classical music. Through interviews with the kids and humor, they present classical music, and the kids who play it, as cool. My sister's daughter was one of the cool kids--she sang in the choir.

One of the performers was a 17-year old cellist. He had recently recovered from a nearly two-year bout with tendinitis. During the time he was unable to play the cello, so took up the harmonica. I actually liked his blues harmonica playing better than his cello playing. On the cello, he played "Prayer" by Ernest Bloch. He also works with autistic kids--a very well-rounded young man.

The harmonica--another solution to practicing without a cello.

A very enjoyable evening, and evidence of the power of music. This show airs April 21, if you are interested in listening to it.


Guanaco said...

This is one of my favorite radio shows. I seldom miss it. It would be great to see it live...

Maricello said...

Hi Guanaco,
You would have loved it. The show itself if fun, and silent actions of the stagehands (guiding a young musician closer to the microphone, for instance), add to the enjoyment. I haven't heard this show often, but did hear a bit of it yesterday.