Saturday, March 10, 2007

Corned beef and corned beef and cabbage

I made two pots of corned beef and cabbage today for our church's Celtic Diversity Dinner this evening. Celtic Diversity Dinner is our celebration of cultural diversity, including St. Patrick's Day, gay/lesbian rights, civil rights, and tolerance in general. It became the Diversity Dinner probably at the same time the Christmas concerts in the schools became holiday concerts and started featuring songs from all December holidays except Christmas. Gradually Christmas has crept back into our school holiday concerts, and St. Patrick's Day has crept back into the Diversity Dinner. This was the first year we served corned beef and cabbage, and those in the kitchen decided it would be the last. Back to beef stew next year. Much easier to prepare and serve, though still lots of vegetables to cut up.

The Gay Men's Chorus sang, and a group called Beggar's Description (concertina, violin, drum, hurdy-gurdy, crumhorn) performed. I should have stayed to help lead the crowd in an Irish sing-along, but was tired, and have work to do (many project deadlines), so we headed home early. It was a nice event, though.

I have yet another corned beef in the fridge, ready to cook tomorrow. Perhaps the aroma will rekindle the mood here at home, while I practice for our upcoming St. Patrick's day concert at the nursing home. For a couple of minutes. Mostly I'll be working.

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