Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lovely Day at the String Shop

I worked this afternoon at the string shop, and in between customers, I tried out three new cellos. I love my old cello (made in 1888). I bought it almost 7 years ago, from a woman (a fellow flute-player) who had an ad in the local paper. It is scratched and blemished, but has a good tone. However, it doesn't always sound as good as it might, and it is not always me.

I had a great time trying out the cellos and getting in some much-needed practicing. I ended up taking up a lovely red Heinrich Gill cello out on trial. It has a full, rich sound, and capable of very nice dynamics. Made in 2007, it is not what I expected I would like. I thought only the old cellos could sound so full and rich. I definitely want to try more over the next weeks or months--no need to rush into a decision.

Perhaps this will motivate me to practice more this week.

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