Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stumbling into the future

I've had a very computer-centered weekend. Taking advantage of a lull in workload, I decided to finally sign up for high-speed Internet, being possibly the only living person still using dial-up. I live in location that only recently offered high-speed service, so have had to wait patiently, not only for service, but for files to download (which creates real problems for me, as I tend to receive PDFs of entire books via e-mail).

It took me all of this three-day weekend, with several trips to the store for various cables and such, before finally deciding that my computers are too old to deal with this new technology. So, I finally went out and bought a new computer today, all Vista-fied. Even this was complicated, as the store offered a service to set up virus and spyware programs and remove "craplets," those "trial programs" that new computers are littered with. So I said fine, having a read an article about the difficulties of removing these unwanted programs. I went home empty-handed, but was able to return before the end of the day to pick up my computer (each trip taking 3 hours, as I do not live very close to a computer store).

But this is lots more fun. I feel wimpy for paying the computer store to clean up my computer, but am so tired of fussing with computers and connections and am anxious to actually use this machine.

We had a long power outage this morning, and I spent some time re-reading Kurt Vonnegut (I was a big fan of his in the 70s, but the Vonnegut books on my shelf date from my son's recent interest in him). "Welcome to the Monkey House" is a short story written in 1968 about birth control in the overpopulated moralistic world of the future (more interesting than that) which, interestingly, does not envision any advances in communication technologies. People send telegrams and letters. The story takes place on Cape Cod, and references all the Kennedy's who have served as president. Interesting, re-rereading this stuff almost 40 years later.

No practicing today--too much computer stuff and driving.

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