Saturday, December 29, 2007

Handel's Messiah Sing/Play In

I have not yet gotten up the courage to play at our local Messiah Sing In/Play In, but I did attend this year, in part because I really want to play next year. It is a lot of music, and, as a cellist friend of mine who did play said, "It's relentless. You just keep playing." Nevertheless, she and others enjoyed it immensely. Another cellists friend showed me where to get free sheet music online:

and the cellist who played loaned me her own copy of the music so I would know which sections are played. The cellists use the Carl Fischer version.

Many towns and cities have Messiah Sing-ins with accompaniment by professional (or good amateur) orchestras or quartets. I think it is unusual for the orchestra to be "drop-in" too. Any string player who wants to play can play. This year there were three cellists, three violinists, and a violist, as well as a baroque trumpet player. There is a only one short rehearsal an hour or so before the public performance.

I wrote an article for the paper, and the people I interviewed encouraged me to play next year. So I will. I have a whole year to work on this--and some friends who want to try it too. In the past, the orchestra consisted of as many as 20 musicians. I hope we can approach that number next year. The bigger the better, as far as me and my cello are concerned!


yarnplayer said...

The Messiah has a lot of notes, but it is very playable - at least compared to some other things my orchestra has attempted. I enjoy playing it every year. Hope you get a nice group together!
Best wishes for a Happy 2008.

Maricello said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I was envisioned myself getting totally lost by the third measure while sight reading it on stage this year. I still haven't had time to try the music yet, but know I will feel more comfortable with it after I have had a chance to play it a few times.

Happy New Year to you too!