Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

This is one of my favorite Christmas presents this year, a drawing done for me in a "Secret Santa" exchange at Drawspace.com. We each made a list of things we wanted for Christmas, and our Secret Santa chose one to draw for us.

I have always loved toucans. We had a painting of a toucan on the wall when I was growing up, and I have enjoyed drawing them myself. This one is very cheerful, and I like the flowers, leaves and greenery background.

The picture I drew was of a $21,200 electric guitar I found online (the most expensive guitar I could find). My recipient wanted an electric guitar and did in fact receive one for Christmas, so she liked the drawing. I am not so pleased with it myself--the many lines that should be straight are not, and I could not think of a suitable background, so left it blank. But I 'm posting it here anyway. The guitar has a lot of mother-of-pearl, which I tried to duplicate using metallic colored pencils, but I do not have the technique down yet. Onward and upward! We had a great Christmas with my daughter, son, and his girlfriend, playing games, eating, and talking. Hope your holidays are wonderful!


Paulette said...

Hi Maricello,
Merry Christmas!
Great job on the guitar! You did a good job of the mother of pearl look. I haven't had a chance to ask you, how did you like hosting the challenge week? I hope your Christmas was good,

Laura said...

The guitar looks fabulous. I am glad that you had a wonderful holiday! Thinking of you...

Maricello said...

Thanks Paulette and Laura, for your appreciation of the guitar and for stopping by.

Paulette, I enjoyed the hosting week, and would be inclined to host again. December was a busy month--not that they all aren't!

Laura--I'm looking forward to getting together soon. Hope you are having a great time!

Teri C said...

Your guitar is fabulous! You certainly achieved that rich look very well.

Happy New Year!