Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fiddles, Bluegrass, and Smiles

It was an evening of fiddle and bluegrass music. No cello though. I took my fiddle (because it is easier to stow in the car during the day of errands that preceded the night of music) to the Thank-You-in-Advance cookout and fiddle jam. All the bands performing in the June 9 bluegrass festival were invited. Great food and a good opportunity to meet and play with the other bands. I haven't practiced the fiddle in months, but did remember a few tunes. If only I had more time to practice all this stuff. I just love the idea of people coming together and playing common music. (In the photo, I'm the one on the lower left.)

We left early to attend a bluegrass concert at Johnson String: The Reunion Band. Excellent music and the individual band members were very personable and talented. I smiled through the whole concert. Beamed in some parts. Will write more tomorrow, as it is getting late, and I am tired!

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