Wednesday, May 2, 2007

More memory

I've been finding a lot of good information on memorization, and will try to put it together soon. In the meantime, I recorded myself playing (from memory). Memory issues have improved greatly, but my intonation was appalling. Back to work!


Erin said...

Did you see this interesting article in the Guardian about memorising music?,,2060997,00.html

Maricello said...

Hi Erin, Great article! I will show it to my teacher. But she is a firm believer in memorizing as a learning tool. I think the Suzuki philosophy is that you memorize the piece first and then work on fine-tuning and polishing it, without the bother of having to focus on note-reading while you are polishing.

My argument was always that I was coming from a different direction--I could already read music. And it is not likely that I will ever perform as a soloist with an orchestra. It takes me much much longer to learn each piece because of the memory wok, and I am way behind (Suzuki book-wise) my friends who take from a teacher who does not require memorization.

There is also the danger of focusing on memory over technique.

However, I do love to "own" the music, so to speak, by memorizing it, and I do need to memorize to play with the fiddlers (the short fiddle tunes are much easier to memorize though).

Maybe there is a nice midway point--memorize some, but not all Suzuki pieces.