Friday, May 18, 2007

New cello chair

I mostly pleased with my new portable "cello chair," intended for outdoor fiddle performances. I was looking for something portable and light, so I could easily sling it over my shoulder, along with the cello case. It was hard to find something the right height. A lot of "camp stools" were much too low, even for me, a fairly short person. I wasn't overly concerned about comfort, as concerts usually do not run more than an hour, but it had to reasonably comfortable. The design had to allow one to sit with legs apart, of course--no arm rests or too narrow a seat. So, I bought this one, via the Internet:
It is lightweight, has a retracting shoulder strap and a 20" high padded seat, but, the seat sags a little awkwardly. I wanted a flatter seat.

First I tried filling in the little "valley" with my puffy alligator slippers:

But that wasn't quite enough, so I added a fuzzy heart-shaped pillow. Perfect!

Well, perfect for practicing. I think it might be a little awkward arranging my puffy alligator slippers and heart-shaped pillow in a performance. Until I have time to sew the perfect pillow, I am going with another alternative: casually draping a sweatshirt over the seat. Works just fine. I will test it out tomorrow at the fiddle performance.


Marisa said...

Cute! Like your heart pillow

Maricello said...

Thanks! The other side of the heart pillow says "Yours Forever." Perhaps a plaid flannel pillow would fit in better with the fiddling gigs. :-)