Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Making the Cello Chair Comfy

I finally made a little cushion for the portable cello chair I bought recently. The chair is black (though looks blue in the photos), so I had in mind a sedate black cushion. However, while rooting through my vast collection of fabrics, I found a fake fur fabric that I thought might be a little more fun. So, here's the cushion:

It is actually pretty comfortable, but in the course of my hunt for the perfect seating for outdoor performances, I realized that a flat surface is better. In fact I use a small piano bench as a seat when I practice. It is portable, too, but heavier and more awkward to carry around than this folding aluminum seat. The addition of a fat paperback makes for fine seating. This Classical Music book, in particular, is just the right size. But it would be wrong, especially for a bluegrass festival.

Besides, I need to read it, to prepare for a review of a local concert I am writing this weekend. (The featured piece is Mendelssohn's 2nd piano concerto in d minor, if anyone would like to share any insights. I have no degrees in music; I just write reviews because people ask me to, local professional musicians are reluctant to critique others, I like to do it, and the research I do adds to my musical knowledge.)

In the end, despite all this fuss I have made over my cello chair, I have found that, in a concert, I am oblivious to my seating, carried away by the music. :-)

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cellodonna said...

I like a hard flat surface when I play. It seems to support my back the best. But sometimes I add a cushion for more height.

The leopard print definitely looks more fun than black!