Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back to School!

This is the first year in a long time that neither of the kids is going back to school. No back-to-school supplies to buy, no tuitions to pay. I wish they loved school, or at least saw the value of it, but both have given college a try and found it was not for them, at least for now. I'm hopeful, though!

I am going back to school. Cello lessons resume next week, and I am also going to sign up for an art class. I used to take art lessons, and, while I know I could draw or paint without the lessons, it helps to take a class, just to find the time and space.

My husband is considering guitar lessons, and I am hoping he follows through, as it would be fun to play together. I may also attend a dulcimer workshop, to release my lonely mountain dulcimer from the closet for a few hours.

My concentration will remain on the cello of course, and I am going to try to retain the sense of focus I have had since Scottish fiddle camp and really work on intonation, learning by ear, and technique, trying not to be too distracted by the many musical opportunities that continually beckon me. And I ought to try not to keep forming new groups, but I do need sort of a Scottish cello group to play Abby Newton tunes with (perhaps some combination of cello, harp, flute, violin, guitar). :-)

I still have this urge to buy school supplies.... Since I already have buckets of art supplies, I will have to content myself with new highlighters, which I consume by the truckload in my work.


cellodonna said...

Good luck with your new season and art classes.

Back to lessons for me too today, and orchestra tonight.

In my family someone is always going back to school. My husband retired from teaching a year ago June, but that was the same year that my daughter began teaching math!

Maricello said...

Best wishes on your new season too, CelloDonna!

I wanted to be a teacher from about 3rd grade to about 7th grade, when I looked down those long hallways in junior high, and said to myself, "No!" But I do enjoy being a student. And I'm working on two books now, by English teachers, so feeling a connection. :-)