Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Concert report

We had an excellent time at the Labor Day weekend concert on Saturday. Both the Flute Choir and the Early Music group felt we played our best, triumphantly sailing through the tricky parts that had derailed us not long ago. The two groups alternated playing for about three hours, a long stretch, particularly for those of us who played in both groups, but we enjoyed it immensely. Our fingers a little sore, we're both going to take this week off from rehearsals!

The Early Music group. I seem to be smiling. My husband is taping our performance. I haven't looked at it yet.

A close-up of me, perhaps not the most flattering shot, but reflecting the intensity of the moment, both listening to others and concentrating on my own music. Or perhaps, fear. :-)

The Flute Choir. You can see some of the art displays to the side. There are six flutists; one is hidden in this photo.

The view from the stage. This was taken while we weren't playing of course, so no one is looking at us. :-)

The "after-concert" concert: The Cape Symphony has just finished playing the national anthem here. Seven thousand was the predicted attendance. I don't know how many came, nor how many visited the art/music building.

Fireworks ended the symphony performance--just like the 4th on the Esplanade! Except, as one flutist put it, "freezing cold."

The next day we dined out at this lovely restaurant, sitting in the vined window on the right. The trumpet vine is over 100 years old. The food was delicious, and the company stimulating.

And still one more day of the Labor Day weekend remains. We're planning a family cookout today. I am also working much of the day, but even that is relaxing. Hope you are having a great weekend!


cellodonna said...

Congratulations on a successful concert. Great stage! I enjoyed seeing all your photos. You look wonderful with your cello and flute. Wow ... what a great weekend you're having.

Enjoy your break from rehearsals this week. You deserve it after that 3-hour marathon!

CelloGeek said...

It sure looked like fun. Thanks for posting the picures. Congratulations to you and enjoy your well-deserved break.

nicnik said...

Wonderful concert, I'm sure you were tired after alternately playing with two groups the whole time!! :) Nice to see pictures of all of you. Best wishes!


Maricello said...

Thanks! It was both fun and tiring, especially after a 3-hour rehearsal the night before.

Good to see you Nicole! Wish you could have been there, but I think you might enjoy the the fiddling more. Have you come across any fiddling cellists yet?