Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six Years Ago

Like many others, I spent 9/11/2001 glued to my tv set, watching the terrible news unfold. Actually, I could only bring myself to stand in the doorway to the room where the tv was, unable to move any closer than that. I was unable to work; it seemed inappropriate to work. I was in touch with my client via e-mail. From her window in New York City, she watched the second plane crash into the World Trade Center. My brother was there too, experiencing the horror at ground level.

I had a rehearsal scheduled that night, a Tuesday night that year as it is this year. At the time I was playing flute in a trio with another flutist and a cellist. We were working on Haydn's London Trios. I did not call or e-mail the other two to discuss canceling our rehearsal. No one else did either, and we all showed up and found comfort in the music.

Many people have died or have been injured since then, in the war on terror, in the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and all over the world, and in other violent and unhappy ways. Music can't really change this, but it can bring peace in small and enduring ways. On this day, and all days, I wish you music and peace.

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yarnplayer said...

I agree that music can bring comfort and peace.