Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pie and Cello lessons

After an enjoyable Simon Sinfonietta concert on Saturday night, which featured a jazzy contemporary bassoon solo (Concert Piece for Bassoon and String Orchestra by Burrill Philips), we had pie and ice cream at Pies a la Mode.

This morning, I played some Scottish fiddle tunes for Danny and Barbara, then gave them both a quick cello lesson. My brother, who is an accomplished banjo player, was able to play a bit of "Old Joe Clark."

My daughter and her uncle bow each other's cellos, while Barbara plays my octave mandolin, which is strung as a mandola.

Everyone loves the cello.

Barbara tries the fiddle.

All too soon, it was time for them to go, and me to get back to work. ~sigh~


cellodonna said...

Lovely photos!

Pies a la Mode sounds like my kind of place.

Anonymous said...

What a nice family!

Maricello said...

Thanks Donna and Rallentando! Yes, Pies is nice. I hadn't been there before. My brother found it on his own. It is good to tour your town with a tourist now and then. :-)