Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another Blog (There Always Is)

Having an extra three minutes in my day, I decided to start another blog, an "official" arts and entertainment blog for the newspaper. I haven't decided exactly what to do with it, but am starting with a series on area coffeehouses (the musical sort) . I'll include my various reviews, along with other thoughts; and try to make use of blog features (links, pictures, audio, video, comments, etc.).

I am calling it "Notes on the Arts." It's not terribly creative, I know, but if you think of "notes" as musical notes, it creates a nice mental image. Perhaps a good graphic would convey that.

It is in Wordpress, which seems like a foreign language to me, after Blogger, so I haven't figured everything out yet (and am resisting change, though there seem to be some advantages to Wordpress). It's not publicly online yet, but I will keep you posted.


Marisa said...

I've been on the dual system of wordpress and blogger since the beginning. GGP is also a bi-blogger.

Good luck setting up your "A&E Note Blotter"

Melissa said...

I'm trying to get my other blog set up on typepad. It is a far more powerful tool.

This job is turning out to be soo cool for you!

Maricello said...

Interesting--I didn't realize there were so many "bi-bloggers." Probably some "tri-bloggers" out there too. I haven't explored the intricacies of Wordpress too much (I don't have admin privileges at the moment), but it does seem more elegant than Blogger, and some things seem quicker and easier. And zillions of blog designs to choose from (though I did not actually pick mine, it is fine for now).

One of these days, I will take a look at Typepad. Just for fun. Two blogs are enough for me. For now.

yarnplayer said...

Sounds like an official, paid position. Congratulations!

Maricello said...

Thanks Yarnplayer! Yes, it is official, if not lucrative. :-)

Laura said...

I have yet to see anything you do that is NOT creative and thoughtful.