Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Little Bird

This is for Laura, who said she liked my artwork. This is a small Arist Trading Card (ATC) done for an ATC exchange of drawings of "everyday objects." This was sort of a stretch for an everyday object. It is a little pottery container topped with a crow-like object. It sits on my desk and holds loose change. It is pretty much the size you see it.

I bought this a while ago. I had two small children and needed a break, so, leaving the kids in the care of my husband, I hopped on my bike and rode along the bayside road to a local art show, scenically located in a boathouse/community center overlooking the bay. A pottery maker had made these little pottery boxes with strange creatures inhabiting them, sort of for a lark--her way of getting rid of left-over clay. I liked the little bird, and it was one of the few things I could bring home on my bike. It is still on my desk, long after the kids have more or less flown.

Here it is, in real life. I have prettified it a bit for this ATC trade, as in its wild-eyed state it all-too-closely approximates some of my feelings on some days, about parenting. :-)


Gottagopractice said...

What an odd bird, but I can see how one might get attached to it. I like your cards, too.

Melissa said...

I like the bird. But the pic of the cello with the shamrock ears is great. Very silly. I like silly. :)

Maricello said...

Thanks for liking the little bird! And thanks for noticing the shamrock ears. :-) I like silly too.

Laura said...

THANK you for posting the card for ME. I do like your artwork and it has a to it that is enjoyable. The model for the card is quite an oddity!