Saturday, March 29, 2008

Laura's Simon Sinfonietta review

I asked my good friend Laura to review recent the Simon Sinfonietta concert for the paper, in part because I had committed myself to another concert on the same night. There was a better reason though: she is a talented musican, as is her significant other, and both are very knowledgeable about music. (We play as a quartet, Laura on violin, another Marilyn on flute, me on cello, and Fritz on violin, viola, or harpsichord.)

Since the guest artists for the Sinfonietta were violinists, Paul and Linda Rosenthal (from Alaska), it seemed a perfect concert for Laura to review, and you can read it here: Laura's review. Thanks, Laura!


Guanaco said...

Thanks for linking this review. I've had the privilege to listen to both Paul and Linda Rosenthal many times here, but I've never heard them play together...

Paul in particular, always displays his own personal enjoyment of the music, and seems to inspire that in other musicians he performs with.

Marilyn said...

Paul performed here three years ago, and I enjoyed his performance very much. It is interesting that they don't play together often.