Sunday, March 9, 2008

New ways to get lost

My husband and I attended a concert last night at a great little coffeehouse in the next town. I printed out the coffeehouse's web site directions, the MapQuest directions (but not a printed map, because it looked easy), and entered the address into my cell phone GPS system.

We still got lost. The pouring rain did not help; it was very difficult to read the street signs, or even to see the road. At some point I realized I had entered the address incorrectly into my cell phone. After I corrected that, it was relatively smooth sailing, and we got to the coffeehouse just before the show started.

The music, by the Back Bay [classical] Guitar Trio, was pure magic, and by the time we left, the air was clear, and the sky was full of stars. We managed to get lost on the way home too. The GPS system sent us in circles (or perhaps it was our faulty reading of it) until we figured out where we were.

Maybe next time we venture out to a new venue, I will take the map book too.


CelloGeek said...

How frustrating! I'm glad you found your way to and from. I think this is a case of technology hindering rather than helping things. I too have found that GPS systems don't always work very well.

Maricello said...

On the whole, though, I like GPS. It is especially comforting when I am driving to some place I have never been before and have to be there on time (not always the easiest thing for me). It not only gives directions, but also estimated time of arrival. So, when you have no idea where you are, it is nice to know that you'll be somewhere at 9:58. Anything that reduces stress is a good idea!