Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And now for something completely different

Taking a break from music for a moment, I joined a local weekly kayak group for a morning in the sun. Usually 8 or 9 kayakers attend, but on this beautiful warm day, there were 21. We were pretty spread out, though, so it never seemed crowded. We glided down a serene and unspoiled river and saw a large white heron, an egret, a swan, cormorants, and a multitude of of ducks and song birds. Reluctant to take my camera out of its plastic bag in my pocket, I did not get any bird photos, except for the osprey nest along the shore. The ospreys were not happy that we were there and kept up a constant chatter, perhaps to drive us away.

This was my first time kayaking with this group (mostly retired people from my church), and people were happy to give me advice on paddle efficiently. Pushing is more effective than pulling. Paddle to the side, rather than dipping down into the water. Hold your hands shoulder width apart on the paddles. Of course the next person might have a different theory. (Sometimes like the next cello teacher.)

There are lots of kayaking items to acquire: padded gloves (bicycle gloves), dry bags, whistles, compasses, etc.

In any case, it was great to be outside, and I have a vibrant pink sunburn to remind me of the adventure.

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