Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Taking a Break

Jim, our fiddle group leader, called today to ask me to "take a break" at our next concert, June 23. The thought flashed through my mind that he wanted me and my cello to sit out the concert. But, of course, "taking a break" in fiddling is taking a solo. Not, in this case, creative improvisation, just the tune.

Ok, I said, with some trepidation, but agreeing with him that a tune is more interesting when the various instruments take turns soloing. I'll do "Old Joe Clark," maybe not the prettiest tune on the cello, but among the easiest and our signature tune, and I have plenty of time to "perfect" it.

Besides, it is a friendly hometown crowd. :-)


Gottagopractice said...

How exciting (and terrifying)!

Maricello said...

Thanks! I have imagined doing this for a while, so think I am ready. I have even thinking of jazzing up the tune a bit. Luckily I have 2 sessions before the concert in which to experiment. I may even be so bold as to request a flute break as well. :-)

It is a lot easier than being the only cellist in a quartet or an orchestra concert. If I screw up, I can pretend it's improv, and/or the banjos will jump in to help.