Monday, June 11, 2007

Practicing Outside

I practiced outside on my deck on Sunday, in the middle of the day. A beautiful day, and so quiet in the neighborhood that I think everyone else must have been at the beach, or toiling in the local tourist economy. At least no one yelled at me to stop.

A few years back we had a next-door neighbor whose son played the trumpet. They made him practice outside because they found his practicing inside annoying. Thoughtful neighbors! And so supportive of their child's musical development!

My son used to have his rock'n'roll band rehearsals, then his jazz band rehearsals here. Indoors or out, that would be enough to wake the neighbors, but no one complained. So, maybe a single cello is not so disruptive.

I once practiced outside in a public park prior to a lesson, but one of the groundskeepers kept talking to me about playing the cello, and it was hard to get any work done. He did say I could practice there any time though, so I plan to play there again. I love playing outside.


Guanaco said...

I've only practiced outside a few times (it's just too cold - and/or wet - in Alaska). But I really enjoyed those few times.

Maricello said...

Hi G. We don't have a long outside-playing season here either, but maybe that is why we appreciate it so much. It's been cold and rainy the last couple of days, but I have faith that spring and summer will return.

We extend the season into October when we (the fiddlers) play along the route of the Cape Cod Marathon. That is sometimes a bit of a challenge, playing when your hands are cold, but easier, at least for me, than running a marathon.