Friday, June 8, 2007

Bluegrass on the [Soggy] Bogs!

The bluegrass festival I have been preparing for is this weekend, ready or not, rain or shine. Thunderstorms are predicted tomorrow, while we're playing. The stage is covered, but the audience is not. I have been to bluegrass festivals in the rain before; but thunderstorms? Maybe not.

On the positive side, I feel ready, not virtuosic, but able to contribute in a positive way. I'm glad I have two cellos, so I don't have to subject my new one to the weather.

There's another weekend arts festival coming up in two weeks. In that one, I am playing with my flute choir and with the fiddlers, as well as running an instrument petting zoo (giving kids and adults the opportunity to try out violins, violas, and cellos) for Johnson String Instrument. I do love encouraging adults to play! Sometimes I can encourage a whole family to "make music" together.

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