Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kids and Music

The other night in flute choir rehearsal, we were talking about our kids and how hard it is trying to start or maintain your own musical life when you are also taking the kids to music lessons, soccer practice, school plays and performances, etc.

I started the cello when my kids were 10 and 12 years old, and it has been a struggle at times, finding time for my own music, especially since my kids are quite talented, and I felt like some sort of impostor, tagging along. Well, driving.

But I only have two kids. My friend has six, all grown now, with kids of their own. They all took music lessons, and my friend started flute when her daughter tired of it. She told a funny story about practicing the flute in the ladies room of the ice rink while her daughter was skating.

She hit her first high "C" in that rest room, in Aspen, CO (Rocky Mountain high). Excited about her achievement, she asked her daughter, "Did you hear me? Did you hear me?" "Did you see me? Did you see me?" responded her daughter.

I love her dedication. I never went to such lengths myself, to practice, though I did bring work everywhere I went.

My kids are 18 and 21 now, driving themselves to their own gigs and activities. So, I have fewer interruptions, fewer excuses, fewer reasons not to practice, but I do miss those music lesson outings just a little. :-)

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