Sunday, August 5, 2007

Dance shoes and water shoes

A photo from last year's Scottish fiddle camp showing fiddlers on the dock, waiting to welcom the Visitor's Day boatload of family and friends. This photo and the one below are from the camp website.

Among the myriad items on the Scottish fiddle camp list of things to bring are dance shoes and water shoes. Apparently there is dancing every night, even in the non-air-conditioned heat. Photos from previous year's camps show people wearing anything from white disco boots to no shoes at all. I've got some ballerina-style slippers that ought to fit right in.

According to the camp website, it is "a bit of a hike" to the beach, and the beach is rocky (thus requiring the water shoes), but is supposed to be beautiful, looking eastward toward the vast ocean (rather than back toward Boston). We've got some water shoes around the house somewhere, if I can find them. Maybe it is time to buy some Crocs.

(It will be interesting swimming in Boston Harbor. It was once very polluted. I used to be an environmental planner and worked on a project involving improvements to one of the then-semi-functioning sewage treatment plants. I understand Boston Harbor water quality had improved dramatically, due to this and other efforts.)

Also on the camp list is "silly costumes" and decorations for parties. I'm not sure about this. My daughter thinks my dancing skirts are silly enough. Add my tie-dyed t-shirt, and I think I'm ready.

Though I don't leave for camp until Saturday, I have started packing already. I don't want to forget anything, as, of course, I'll be [happily] "stranded" on an island for a week. I will bring work with me, and my computer, but I am really looking forward to getting away and concentrating on music for a whole week. And dancing and the beach.


cellodonna said...

Scottish fiddle camp! How perfect. Just your cuppa tea. Enjoy.

Always a good idea to pack ahead of time. I use lists. Lots of lists ... to make sure I don't forget anything. I also keep my packing lists from the previous year's trips for reference.

Maricello said...

Lists! I love lists! Actually, it is easier packing for this camp than for the bluegrass festival I went to recently. I don't have to bring camping supplies or food. I will have my own little dormitory room and meals are supplied.

Come to think of it, I tend toward taking too much stuff (art supplies I never use, for instance), rather than too little.

I'm bringing 2 cellos (one for a camper from California), a fiddle and a flute (they say it is helpful to explore tunes with more than one instrument), and accessories, but I am going to try to leave most of my sheet music at home and focua on learning/playing by ear.

Fashion said...

Hey I would like view Nike shoes...Where are they...Nice pics

Stoner said...

I have dance shoes and looking for perfect water shoes...