Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Flowers and writing

More "Flowers of Edinburgh" tonight at fiddle session. We had a guest cellist from Manchester, England who happened to be in the string shop as we were setting up. She was not familiar with fiddle music, but was happy to have an opportunity to play cello. She was a very good cellist, and somewhat perplexed that we would play a tune more than once. We play them at least three times each because that is how we learn and remember them (I gave her sheet music, but we don't generally use it).

After a while, though, she said, "do you have any classical music?"

Ah, a fine opportunity to play "My Love's Bonnie ...." (Flowers of Edinburgh) which sounds like chamber music, yet can still be considered fiddle music. The sheet music has two cello parts, one melody and one accompaniment, so we played cello duets, with violins.

I've been enjoying the writing class this week, even though I do not have time to write much this week. I finally got my little story plotted out; then the exercise for the day was (1) change your main character; (2) change your setting. Oh, no, I can't, I thought. But I did, and I think the story is potentially much better now. Tomorrow is the last class. I may need an ongoing class to actually finish this story. I am impressed by the writings of my classmates. Most of them have been writing fiction for some time, and their story fragments sound good.

Yesterday, I attended most of a talk by Claire Cook, author of Must Like Dogs. Her main message was "write the book that only you can write." (write what you know). But she was funny and had lots of good information on how to get published (there are no rules), so I bought her new book, Life's a Beach. I've only read the first chapter, but it's funny, too. A good beach book.

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