Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fiddle camp extensions

Leaving Thompson Island on Saturday, land of Scottish Fiddle Camp.

Fiddle camp came to an end yesterday, but the spirit lives on. My husband and I journeyed out to the other end of the Cape to hear Catherine Fraser (fiddle) and Duncan Smith (piano), both teachers at fiddle camp, perform tonight. Catherine was my favorite fiddler: her playing is lyrical, energetic, emotionally expressive, powerful, technically flawless (at least as far as I could tell!), and inspiring. Australian, but of Scottish heritage, she plays all types of Scottish music, as well as her own gorgeous compositions. Duncan's piano playing adds much to the sound, and it was great to hear him on a grand piano, instead of a portable keyboard. Several other campers attended too, and it was great to see those familiar faces.

Her web site is
To hear her music, see her MySpace page.

We (at the violin shop) are working on putting together some other workshops and events, and I've got about five rehearsals this week, so life goes on.

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