Monday, November 12, 2007

Crooked Still changes

I saw a notice for a Crooked Still concert the other day, and the photo did not appear to include cellist Rushad Eggleston. I finally got around to checking the Crooked Still web site and found that Rushad is, indeed, leaving Crooked Still, one of my favorite folk/bluegrass/alternative bands, initially because of Rushad. Their last concert with Rushad is November 18 in Northampton, Mass.

Rushad, according to the Boston Herald, has moved to the West Coast, but neither Boston-based Crooked Still nor the newspaper offer additional information. From his MySpace page, it looks like Rushad's and his new group is called the But, Wizards?, with Nico Georis and Gabriel Cazes. Judging from the photos, these two areas wacky as Rushad. I have to admit Rushad can be too wacky for me, but he contributed so much music and personality to Crooked Still.

The future of Crooked Still looks rosy, though, even Rushadless. The band is adding two new members, cellist Tristan Clarridge, 21, and fiddler Brittany Haas, 20, (sister of cellist Natalie Haas). Clarridge plays multiple instruments, won the Grand National Fiddle Champion four times, and has played with Darol Anger's Republic of Strings, as has Haas. Haas is a well-known fiddler who has amazing played with numerous groups. She is also studying ecology and evolutionary biology at Princeton. Impressive, especially for such young'uns!

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