Sunday, November 4, 2007

If a tree falls.....

So, I was working at the violin shop yesterday, during the storm, when a woman walked in and asked me if I had a green Saturn. Yes, I do.

"A tree fell on it," she said.

"Was it damaged?," I ask.

"Yes," she says, looking at me gloomily. She was holding a driver's side mirror in her hand, evidently ripped off my car in the process. I took it and went with her to the parking lot behind the shop.

A large limb had, indeed, fallen on my car, but it only punctured a hole in my hood. The mirror in my hands did not belong to my car, but to another car that had already left the scene. I was overjoyed. My car was still in running order, and I would be able to go to the movies as planned. (See yesterday's post.)

The woman who had brought me to my car seemed to think I was nuts to be so happy that the damage was only minor. But, you know, in the scheme of things, this is fixable; this is irritating, but temporary.

We lost electric power at home at 2 pm yesterday, and it is still out. The symphony trip was canceled, and we did not go to the movies. About 55,000 homes lost power here, and so did the movie theaters and restaurants. Police were advising that people not travel unless absolutely necessary.

My daughter and I played board games by lantern light (battery-powered, no flames!) all evening, huddled under blankets and afgans, listing to a portable radio, eating apples, cheese, and crackers for dinner. I have not turned the heat on yet this year, as temperatures have been mild, but last night, if I had heat, I would have turned it on! It was 59 degrees F inside this morning.

I didn't practice. I didn't blog. I didn't work on my novel. I didn't work. I thought it best to stick together in a storm, and we do enjoy board games. We played Cranium and Eat It (a trivia game about food).

I got up early this morning to work and to practice the flute for today's flute choir concert. It is sunny and bright, but still no electric power or telephones. I need to catch up on work today, but am looking forward to getting back to noveling as soon as I can.


melissa said...

Glad to see your car is basically ok. I used to live in Houston where we had lots of storm damage.

Sounds like you had good bonding time, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Stopping by to see how you are doing during blogging and novel writing month. :)

Maricello said...

Hi fellow bloggers! Thanks for dropping by. We're doing fine here, though still without power at home. Hoping to get back to noveling soon, but there is much to do here in terms of storm recovery.